Q:  Why is UDOT constructing grade-separated interchanges on Bangerter Highway?


A:  The existing intersections serve the fast-growing area of western Salt Lake County and the new interchanges will reduce congestion and improve traffic flow along Bangerter Highway and the east-west arterial roads. This is the ninth of many Bangerter Highway intersections that UDOT plans to replace with interchanges over the next 20 years.


Q:  What is a State Environmental Study?


A:  UDOT completes a State Environmental Study for projects funded with state money. This process allows decision-makers to evaluate and balance the expected transportation benefits, impacts, and planned mitigation measures before constructing a project.

Q: What does a State Environmental Study include?


A: During the State Environmental Study, UDOT will look to resolve the need to improve traffic flow and safety within the study area. The study will conduct appropriate environmental reviews and public involvement activities and will document any potential impacts to the community and environmental resources.

Q: What does it mean if I own property within the Bangerter study area?

A: During the State Environmental Study, right-of-way impacts will be evaluated within the study area based on the preferred interchange design. However, not all properties located within the study area will be affected. UDOT will only purchase the property needed to safely build and operate the new interchange.


A member of the project team will be in direct contact with potentially impacted property owners and renters to provide information and answer questions. Required property acquisitions will likely occur after completion of the State Environmental Study in accordance to state and federal relocation processes and procedures.

Q:  Which Bangerter intersection is being studied next?


A:  Each intersection was evaluated and prioritized based on a number of factors including crash data, operational safety, and potential for reduced congestion. Click here to review the planned interchanges on Bangerter Highway and the prioritization for each.