Bangerter Highway

Northbound on- and off-ramp construction

Crews are currently driving steel beams into the ground on the east side of Bangerter Highway. This work will take place during daytime hours (7 a.m. – 7 p.m.) and can be noisy and vibratory for nearby residents and businesses. This work will be ongoing through late September.


Crews are bringing in embankment and removing existing drainage and sewer lines south of the intersection and removing walls in the northeast quadrant in preparation for the new on- and off-ramps.


Southbound on- and off-ramp construction

Traffic has shifted to the east side of Bangerter Highway and will remain in place through late 2020.


Crews continue work activities to construct the southbound on- and off-ramps on the west side of Bangerter Highway. This includes concrete pavement removal, clearing and grubbing, roadway excavation, and paving activities, which may be vibratory and noisy.


12600 South utility relocations

Crews are performing utility relocations directly on 12600 South and on east and west Bangerter Highway as preparatory work for the new interchange.

Plan Ahead

Construction activities are ongoing day and night. Residents, businesses, and drivers should be aware of trucks entering and exiting the work zone, as well as noise, dust, vibration, and nighttime construction lighting.


Drivers and pedestrians are advised to note reduced speeds of 45 mph, changing traffic patterns, and on-site construction activities and equipment while navigating in the area.




As part of its efforts to keep traffic moving on Bangerter Highway now and into the future, UDOT will build freeway-style interchanges at 6200, 10400, and 12600 South. This is a continuation of UDOT’s multi-year effort to upgrade Bangerter Highway and the east-west arterial roads in order to meet the traffic demands of western Salt Lake County.



During these unprecedented times, safety remains our top priority and we have been following the Governor’s mandate to take bold, aggressive steps to slow the spread of disease. Our project team is working hard to maintain a heightened awareness and proper social distancing methods while still moving forward with construction activities.

You can read UDOT’s official statement here.

Schedules and milestones are now tentative and subject to change.

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